31 Days of Inspiration… Day 19

31 Days of Inspiration

{Day 19}

When we started this at the beginning of the month, I don’t think it really dawned on me that when we finish this little “31 Days of Inspiration”, it would be NOVEMBER!   YES, NOVEMBER!  Like, the month before CHRISTMAS!  Oh my word… where does the time go to…  You know, no matter what we are doing, time does not stand still for us!

So, with precious time fleeting… How can we make each moment count… How can we make each day have worth…

With three young children, {what am I saying… time seemed to disappear just as quickly with one child}  TIME  is precious… So, how do we make the everyday, the hustle and bustle important, memorable, worthy?  When there is just no time to slow down in a day.  When a quiet night at home with no telephone ringing, no visitors, no dinner to cook and clean up, no clothes to wash, just isn’t available…

How do take these crazy and busy days and make them special?  Well, the only answer for this that I seem to keep coming back to is the fact that my hope in EVERYTHING  is ” built on NOTHING less than Jesus Christ and righteousness”.  This I know… the more I seek HIM, the more I see Him.  He makes the most uneventful moment MAJESTIC!  If you are taken by the beauty in the colors that this time of year brings, the coolness in the air…  If these things INSPIRE you… Then I encourage you to SEEK more of Him, of His beauty, of His WORD.  Then we will see the true meaning of life…  Our moments will not be wasted…

Inspiring you to seek Him today!

Happy Fall Y’all!

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