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31 Days of Inspiration…Days 28, 29 & 30

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Welcome to the weekend edition! Fall inspiration for Days 28, 29 & 30 Well folks we are winding down here for our 31 Days of Fall inspiration and it makes me a little sad!  Fall is very special time of year that Natalie and I enjoy immensely.  For the weekend edition I would like to share … [Read more...]

31 Days of Inspiration…Day 27


Day 27 Who can talk about Fall without mentioning Turkey? Turkey's are by definition FALL!  Here are a few pictures I have taken while meandering out in the woods                                                             … [Read more...]

31 Days of Inspiration… Day 26


31 Days of Inspiration {Day 26} Okay... so with the Christmas season quickly approaching we find ourselves filled with the giving spirit.  This time of year always seems to bring out the best in people and their desire to share and give to those in need.  Most of you have heard me mention before … [Read more...]

31 Days of Inspiration…Day 25


Fall is the beginning of a season that is very important to our family.... HUNTING SEASON Each state has their different opening days, but all of them open in the fall. This time of year Natalie and I consider ourselves "Hunting Widows"! Mixed with the beautiful colors of autumn comes a sea of … [Read more...]

31 Days of Inspiration….Day 24


ApplesApplesApples Fall means Apple Pickin' Time!!! Every year we venture up to a local apple farm and pick as many apples as we can get!  Bushel's and Peck's and a bushel and a peck! :-D We pick and pick and PICK! Then we eat and eat and EAT And what we don't eat, we cook...  Applesauce, … [Read more...]

31 Days of Inspiration… Day 21, 22 & 23 Weekend Edition

Women's Ministry

31 Days of Inspiration Day 21, 22 & 23 Weekend Edition With the holiday soon arriving... I encourage you and well, with these pictures ... HOPE to inspire you to be Mission Minded!  It is so easy to get all caught up in the craziness of gift-giving and receiving.  But, I just hope that we … [Read more...]

31 Days of Inspiration…Day 20


I have to confess a little secret of mine.....something I look forward to every Fall.....a guilty pleasure! CANDY CORN Not just any Candy Corn, but Branchs Autumn Mix!Some love it, some hate it, and some are obsessed with it...I would be one of those people!   My husband thinks that I am a … [Read more...]

31 Days of Inspiration… Day 19


31 Days of Inspiration {Day 19} When we started this at the beginning of the month, I don't think it really dawned on me that when we finish this little "31 Days of Inspiration", it would be NOVEMBER!   YES, NOVEMBER!  Like, the month before CHRISTMAS!  Oh my word... where does the time go … [Read more...]

31 Days of Inspiration…Day 18


I think one of my most favorite times of year is Fall.  The crisp air, the smell of autumn, and LEAVES!  The beautiful colors of Fall cannot be rivaled! Here's just a few easy crafts to do  with some of those fall leaves: If you would like to know how to make this last craft, click … [Read more...]

31 Days of Inspiration… Day 17


31 Days of Inspiration {Day 17} Inspiring to be the Woman GOD wants me to be!  For those who you who have been reading our blog, you might know that sometime back. Joy and I both started a 90 Day devotional by Donna Partow.  Donna Partow has written several book, but two that we have read and … [Read more...]