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GIVEAWAY !!!!! i am mermaid…

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GIVEAWAY!  Oh yeah!


Okay, when I first saw this little ad in a local christian newspaper, the name just caught my attention.  Catchy.  I had to know more.  SOOOOO…  the first chance I got, I did a little googling and just fell in love with Haley and her vision for women young and old! 

We live in a really mixed up world where we are constantly faced with negative and even confusing messages about our self-worth.  Just standing in the line at Wal-Mart, I am faced with words such as, “how to have a better body”… “how to be a better mother”… “how to have better sex”… ” how to dress better”…  do”this” to get “that”… I mean what are we telling our daughters?!  Wear these little shorts and show one of your shoulders and you’ll get more attention.  Who’s  ATTENTION!?!?!?!   I honestly even have a problem with some Disney and Nickelodeon shows!  Some of the sassiness just makes me sick to my stomach!

I have to admit, for those who didn’t know this little tidbit about me…  Andy and I for several reasons, choose NOT to have cable television in our home for about two years.  I know.  Crazy.  But, one day, Will made the comment about not knowing what some of the other kids were talking about {a particular character on a show}.  I immediately felt sorry for him and told Andy we should order cable ASAP.  Not wanting our little ones to miss out on anything!  I know.  Shameful.  BUT, most parents want their kids to “fit in”.  WHY?!?!?!?!  What are we thinking sometimes!?!?!  What was I thinking?!  What has society taught us?  Oh, I just cringe at the way we have allowed things to become in our world, in our lives and especially in our homes.  I PROMISE you, about the third day of our “cable”, I was ready to cancel it!  You couldn’t peel the kids away from the television!  And all those sassy little teenagers!  Prior to this new-found-cable-freedom we enjoyed awesome shows on PBS!  Did you know that PBS had more than one channel?!?!  It was awesome!  Now, I have to patrol and keep tabs on t.v. time.  So sad.

I am raising three amazing children, two of which are BEAUTIFUL little girls.  My oldest, easily gets caught up in all the glittery things this world has to offer.  And honestly, I get a little nervous every now and then on exactly what kind of messages she is taking to heart.  I find myself constantly seeking Christ for direction and wisdom to raise godly daughters in a very ungodly world.  Oh, I know… fashion is fun and I like to dress in cute clothes.  I am not trying to sound all crazy-Carrie’s-mother here, I just get concerned {rightfully so} on the message that we can teach our children, our girls.  Surely there is a good, healthy, uplifting balance in there somewhere?! 

When I came across this little ad… i am mermaid, I thought it was great!  Cute fashion with a great message!  And when I saw she was a local gal, all the better!  I think it is important to connect with other christian women and support and lift them up!  Be encouraging!   

So, you gotta go check out my new friend…

And in celebrating  women young and old… Joy and I are Give{in}away some more love…   Yoohoo!  Yahhhh!  GIVEAWAYS!  WoooHooo!    They have all kinda great shirts for all girls, young and old.  Once one winner is chosen, we will email you asking if it is for you or for a young lady in your life and the size you need.  We will then place order and shirt will be shipped to you directly!  So, hope you enjoy!

Joy and I know the importance of raising godly daughters.  It is a thought that is never far from our minds.  Joy and I both also LOVE cute, tasteful fashion.  Especially fashion that shares a message! 

So, while we are waiting on their fall line… these short sleeves will have to do!  Which is perfect for our weather.     However, I did buy both the Little Misses TWO  pair of suede boots and a SWEATER yesterday!  {it’s like scorching here too}  Why are we victims to fashion… don’t answer that.  We hear words like school and football and assume its freezing outside!  Or at least I do.  But, I am weird.  Okay, back to MERMAID…

How to enter GIVEAWAY:

TWO things:

1] Subscribe to this site…  {if you already are ~ well, GROOVY and thanks!}

2] Answer this one question in the comment section… How can we be better role models to our girls?!

We will announce the winner tuesday morning!

Thanks so much!  And don’t forget to check out i am mermaid!  They also just opened an etsy store.  Check them both out!  Great Message!  Great job Haley!  Keep spreading the LOVE!



2 comments on “GIVEAWAY !!!!! i am mermaid…

  1. CHRISTI on said:

    This post touches my heart! This exact issue is on my mind constantly considering I have two beautiful girls, one 10 and one 5. I have noticed here lately they are attached to the TV like its life or death. I HATE TV. I rarely watch it. I have considered time and time again cutting off our cable. It would be considered the worse thing that ever happened to them which in itself says a lot. I cant stand the shows that are available for our children.
    In response to your question, I think we are all in constant search for positive outlets for our children. I am going to start limiting TV time and instead we are going to do activities together. We also have countless conversations at our house about what is appropriate and what is not when it comes to clothing, attitudes, words, etc. I think we have to walk the walk and show them that no matter what EVERYBODY else is doing, it is okay to be a Christian woman that lives morally sound, and lives for God and NO ONE else. I also am going to consistantly find ways to eliminate the negative that they are exposed to in anyway I can. Such a challenge considering negativity is everywhere. I look forward to see what other women give as ideas to your question! Love you guys!

  2. I’m pretty sure I’d do this if I was raising a daughter, but for now it’s just my boys. Knowing that I’m their role model, it goes without saying that I try to embody principles I want them to emulate: strength, courage, integrity, selflessness, love, and on and on. But what I find more important, and the times I see that they hang on my every word, are those moments when I say, “You know, I really struggle with that, too.” Or, “I used to worry about that when in was your age.” Or, “I’m not perfect, and I’m still working on this.” And as a Christian, I let my kids know that God still helps me through. Growing up felt so lonely sometimes because I didn’t think anyone felt like me or experienced the same things. Girls today need to know their Father as well as their “sisters” are there for them and know what they are going through. As I see it, my job might just be to walk up beside that girl and whisper in her ear, “You’re not alone.”

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