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How Do You Self Soothe?

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Over the past few weeks my house has been in disaster mode.  Two months ago we had a water supply line break on our toilet while we were on vacation.  The water ran for a few days and ruined our hardwoods.  Finally, last week we were able to have the new floors installed, but that meant living in total chaos for about two weeks.  We were walking on the sub-floors and all my furniture was piled up everywhere.  Not to mention that every closet that had hardwoods (four including my pantry) had to be emptied.  Literally, there was no place to sit!

During the middle of all this my husband (Jesse) came down with strep throat and my daughter developed an ear infection.  That was about the last straw for me and my melt down began.  I started organizing everything I could, bedrooms, closets, bathrooms, kitchen cabinets.  I was in a M.O.D.E.!  Jesse commented on how “nuts” I was being and then I had an “AH HA” moment.  I learned something about myself.  I self soothe… organizing?  YES, by organizing.  I figured out that when I feel like I’m loosing control, then I try to gain some ground back by getting things in order.  It might sound crazy to you, but an organized shelf goes a long way in my book.  Almost like a weight being lifted off my chest a little at a time (boy, I do sound nuts).

Tomorrow my mother will be going in for knee replacement surgery.  Over the past week she has dived into her house and has been driving my father crazy by trying to get everything in order.  Dad, a little confused at the rush of my mother’s madness, is trying his best to understand.  I had another “AH HA” moment…my mother suffers from the same soothing technique I do…..order for control of something. 

It seems that we “Beasley” ladies like to have control over something in our life.  With that little bit of control/order over something, helps with the stress of life.  When things are out-of-order, stress and worry consume….when things are in order the world is a better place.

So, my question to you is this….ever thought about what you do to self soothe?  My middle child has a blankie that he must rub on his face when he’s upset.  Babies sometime cry, some drink hot tea, some pray (which would probably help us all)….ever thought about what makes you tick?  What calms you down when you are upset?  Care to share?????

So just for curiosity purposes I am asking each of you to answer this question in the comment section below:


You never know, your answer might just help someone else out.  This is not ment for “throwing stones” purposes….just something to chat about…


One comment on “How Do You Self Soothe?

  1. Joella on said:

    Walking, cleaning, pulling weeds (yardwork). Everytime that I pull weeds I realize how many times God has to pull the same weeds from my heart. He always tries to bring them out by the root, but sometimes I would rather he just pull the leaves off so that I don’t have to deal with getting the root out. This soothes my mind because I know that He will never give up trying to get the root out!!! I come back inside refreshed and ready to go!! So neighbors, when you see me out there pulling weeds and thinking I’m crazy…you know the root of my insanity!

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