It’s Hard Being a Woman!

Top ten reason’s why it’s hard being a woman…(in our opinion at least) ;-)

10)  HORMONES!  (we could just stop here…but we have more)

9)  having to deal with the little black hairs that just appear over night on your chin…what’s with that anyways..curse you EVE!

8 ) The dreaded yearly exam…how many times do I have to stare at and count the ceiling tiles!

7)  After having babies, having your perky firm apples turn into bags of flour

6)  PMS  (don’t think I need to elaborate)


4) Wanting chocolate, needing chocolate, Having to HAVE CHOCOLATE,  but having 5 lbs added to your hips because of the chocolate…so not fair!

3)  Mammograms  (why don’t guys have to have mammograms on their senstive….um….spot?)

2) Stretch Marks that never, ever go away, no matter how much “magic” cream you put on them!

and …
1)  SERIOUSLY…HORMONES!!!!!!!  (It really isn’t FAIR)!

If you think we’ve missed an important one, please, please, please tell us why you think it’s hard being a woman in the comment section below!  We all need more reasons to give our husbands ;-)

This installment of whining brought to you by:  Joy and Nat! 

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