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How To Pick a Melon

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 Have you ever been to your local grocery store or farmer’s market to pick out a melon?  Have you ever been extremely frustrated by this experience?  I have, I have spent countless hours hovering over the melons trying to pick the perfect one! 

Here in the South we eat Watermelons like they are going out of style!  So it is definitely an important skill to have to pick out a ripe melon!  After years of frustration I finally decided to research melons and the correct way to pick out a ripe one.  I have compiled my findings here in tips and tricks to help out any of my other melon pickers!


We all grew up hearing the tips passed down through generations about thumping a watermelon.  This isn’t wrong, it is a great way to find a ripe one.  There are just a few more tips you might want to put with it.  I tell you, my fingers always kill me when I’m walking around thumping all those watermelons!  Instead of thumping try slapping it.  Take our all those frustrations on that melon ; )  When you slap it, you should hear a hollow sound, this would be a ripe one.  Now look at the bottom of that melon where it sat on the ground.  If its yellow it’s ripe, if it’s white it’s not.  It should also have an even skin tone.  If one side is lighter or darker then avoid that melon.  If you can manage to pick that watermelon up, then try squeezing it.  Try to listen for a cracking sound…this would also be a sign of ripeness!  Not too hard though, or you might end up covered in that melon ;-)

Now a lesson on the correct way to eat a watermelon:


Sometimes there is nothing better than Cantaloupe for breakfast.  My kids all love to eat this melon.  It just makes you feel skinny by eating it :-D   Here are a few tips for this melon. 

First off, smell it…if it’s ripe, it will smell sweet!  Next, look at the rind (where the stem was).  It should be a golden orange color around the rind and the rind itself.  If it’s green, it’s not ripe.  Make sure that when you touch it that it’s not too soft, this means that the cantaloupe is overripe.  Good things about cantaloupes is that even if you get a “green” one, it will continue to ripen on your counter top!

Honeydew Melon

Most of the time, if we have Cantaloupe, we have Honeydew.  Don’t know why, it’s just kind of hard not to separate them.  It’s like salt and pepper, they just go together!  This one is a little harder for me to pick a ripe one.  It’s a lot like a watermelon, whereas you can thump it to hear the hollow sound.  The skin will also have veins, which is a clear sign of ripeness.  It should also be yellow/cream in color, not beige.  Beige means it’s not ripe. 

I hope these tips in picking melons have helped!  If I’ve missed one that works for you, please fill us in on your tips and tricks in the comment section below!!!


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