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GIVEAWAY!!!!! knick nats designs

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Beautiful EARRINGS by knick nat designs

Okay, so for some time now, I have been volunteering at WDJC 93.7, a local christian radio station here in town.  I have just been blessed by getting to know two of their radio personalities, Roxeanne & Russell and being involved on a new segment dubbed, “A Call To Prayer”.    Roxeanne & Russell are an awesome team and are doing so many wonderful things for the city of Birmingham.  This new addition to their show has been absolutely powerful and just a blessing to be able to meet such amazing and godly people.  Each Wednesday, they invite three different guest to come on the air and take prayer request, praying with people on & off air.  You just couldn’t believe how God is working through this new ministry, it’s just exciting!  Like I mentioned, I have met so many wonderful people.  Each person has just been incredible and just so interesting.  Each person, not knowing, but giving me a little something to take home.  Something to help me in my day or later in my week.  It’s just been nothing short of a real GOD thing!

So, all that being said… I got to meet the grooviest gal with the coolest name {EVER}  and was thrilled to know that not only was she a GOD-loving chic, powerful prayer warrior, singing sister, BUT she was artsy too!  And A MOMMA!  This girl was just beautiful, inside and out! {and come to find out she was also loved by one of my dearest old friends}  There she sat, listening, praying, all cute and sassy looking with these GORGEOUS earrings on! {yes, I know}  I was praying too, but honestly, I just kept staring at these cutie~patootie earrings!  And oh my word, I was like a kid at Christmas when she hugged me and handed ME A PAIR as she was leaving!  Yes!  So excited!!!  I put them on right then!  Just LOVIN’  them!!!  

Natalie & Natalie {check out our earrings}


I couldn’t enjoy these sweet little things all by myself!  So, I asked for a pair to share with one of you guys!  YEAH!!!!!  She was so sweet and thrilled to send a pair to GIVEAWAY on We Are Rooted!  When I received them in the mail, they were all wrapped up so gently with the sweetest little pink note with these golden earrings embossed on the card {i loved the card}.  It was really hard to depart from them {they were a little different from mine}.  BUT, you guys are so worth it and I just know you are gonna LOVE them!

All you gotta do is TWO really simple things… subscribe to our blog and answer the question below in the comment section of this post!  That’s it!  I’ll give you a few days and will announce the winner on MONDAY!!!  So, what are you waiting for…  {lol!}  It’s A GIVEAWAY!  Everybody LOVES giveaways!!! 

Did you cook anything special for The Fourth of July celebration?  {leave us a comment, please}

Oh, and by the way… her name,

Natalie Fry-Horne {smile}

And if you want to contact her to grab some of these beautiful earrings for yourself or a great gift for someone special, email her at   Or check her out at !!!!!   You can even leave her a message here and we will let her know!  She is really making some awesome earrings!!  They are just so pretty and light weight.  I have worn mine with EVERYTHING!  Go check her out and tell her that we sent you! 

Thanks everyone AND  Natalie Fry-Horne… Thank you, we really do appreciate you sharing your talent with us!  It was a pleasure to meet you and look forward to our paths crossing again!

 Hope you all had a great Fourth of July celebration with your families!  We have got some really fun things we will be sharing so keep a look out!  Thanks for letting us share with you all!  We are really having lots of fun with this here little blog! {smiling, again}  Having a great day and hope you all are too!

Give{in}away LOVE,

Natalie & Joy

19 comments on “GIVEAWAY!!!!! knick nats designs

  1. Jessica on said:

    I didn’t cook anything but my sweet hubby did a wonderful job at grilling everything:)

  2. Sherry Atkinson on said:

    I made potato salad and experimental baked beans!

    My computer mysteriously came back to life!!! I am so excited to finally be taking a look at your blog and to discover what a talented writer you are! Can’t wait for “Special Ops” on Monday!

  3. Denise Myers on said:

    I cooked on the 3rd of July for my sister, her husband and their daughter. We had steaks, potatoes, mushroom/bellpepper stir fry, rolls, and salad. Then went swimming while the home made ice cream they brought churned away! I spent the 4th bumming around and shopping – so I didn’t really cook for just me. Had a great weekend!!

  4. Aubrey on said:

    I sat with my awesome family on the beautiful beach :)

  5. Beth O'Meara on said:

    I cut up the big juiciest watermelon!! Does that count??? ha! I must say, I have known Natalie since college and still do not have a pair of her precious earrings. I hope I win!!!! Love to both of these girls- Nat and Nat

  6. Karen (Nannie) on said:

    Now you know your Nannie didn’t waste her precious time cooking. My sweet hubby took me to Cracker Barrel for breakfast, then a little shopping and on to Logan’s for dinner..ribs were delicious!! But I want those earrings!!!! They are beautiful!!!
    Love you!!

  7. Julie King on said:

    We had an awesome time down at City Place we took the kids to Cheesecake Factory and then to Flagler down by the ocean to watch the most beautiful display of the American Flag unrolled down a building by repelling fire fighters and then to see a beautiful display of fireworks over the ocean. I know you said to post what we made but I want those earrings so I told you about our day :)

  8. Marilyn Sigler on said:

    Didn’t cook anything special, hamburgers, hot dogs and baked beans. I did however make my husband his very favorite cake for his July 4th Birthday, a Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake. Some left over in the refrigerator and I swear it calls my name every time I walk in there…willpower haven’t had a piece since Monday! Love the earrings!

  9. Sheila Olvey on said:

    Didn’t cook anything but had BBQ from Uncle Sam’s on Sunday with my family and afterwards made homemade icecream. Then on Monday we had BBQ from Dreamland out by the pool with my husband’s family. The earrings are beautiful and are just my style!!!!!

  10. Jana on said:

    Unfortunately, I was not able to make anything for July 4th because I was at the hospital with my daughter, Addison. But, my mom, Jo Harris (who also subscribes to your blog), did bring some bar-b-q to the hospital for us to celebrate! She brought pork, homemade baked beans (yum!) and made a lemon ice box pie (double yum!!). So, I would like to enter my mom into the GIVEAWAY because I really appreciate all that she did to make our 4th so special. She would love those earrings!!

  11. Kim Harris on said:

    On the 4th Matt and I took the girls to Spring Valley Beach. We ate McDonalds on the way. We ate Arbys on the way to watch Thunder on the Mountain. So I did not cook anything on the 4TH. I love the earrings!!!

  12. Lori Scogin on said:

    I made coleslaw, baked beans and corn on the cobb. My sweet hubby grilled ribs and chicken. My parents and some of the kids friends came over and ate and then we took the kids to Thunder on the Mountain. The firework show was spectacular. Love the earrings!!!

  13. Donna McLeod on said:

    I worked “The 4th.” But, that evening, as your dad & I worked in the rain, preparing to pull our camper home from the river where we had spent the previous weekend with our precious kids & grandkids, I cooked hotdogs for my “Hotdog!!!” His all-time favorite, thus the nickname!!
    Gotta love it!:-D

  14. Lori Ferriell on said:

    I made my brother-in-laws favorite jalapeno poppers on the grill. Slice a jalapeno in half. Cut out some of the insides depending on desired heat. Then fill it with cream cheese and wrap with bacon holding it together with a tooth pick. Grill until the bacon is done. Yum!! They are a favorite for all who have had them.

  15. Traci Isom on said:

    I cooked breakfast at the beach for my sweet hubby, ham and cheese grits. Then we feasted on BBQ that my wonderful daddy grilled for us all.

  16. Christi on said:

    I actually didn’t cook anything this 4th. I was very blessed to spend the day with sweet friends that cooked for me!

  17. We celebrated our son’s and daugther’s birthdays early with family before all the big kids go away to camp this week. So we made a star shaped red, white, blue cake with sparklers on top. (Funny watching our soon 5 yr. old trying to blow those out!) We took white cake batter and divided into three bowls…tinted one blue, one red, and left one white. Then we poured the batter in layers to get the effect. Everyone was surprised when we cut the cake to reveal the fun! My daughter and I also dipped strawberries in white chocolate and then in blue sugar sprinkles…YUM! And festive for the fourth too!

    by the way…just found your site Nat and Joy! Love you gals and miss you greatly….Kim (Johnson) Alcorn :0)

  18. Emily on said:

    We celebrated my sweet Daddy’s birthday and Momma did most of the cooking I just tried my mock Mr. Randy’s super special Kraut ( mine wasn’t as good) and I made Martha Stewart’s mini oreo cookie cheesecakes. I am no Marth Stewart but these were darn good!!! Earings are awesome and I can say I have noticed Nat wearing them with everything!

  19. Jill on said:

    We grill BBQ corn for the 4th. . . ok we grill it a lot but the 4th is a must! It is the yummiest BBQ corn. As my husband says “it is so good it would make a bulldog leave a meat wagon”!

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