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How To Pick a Melon


 Have you ever been to your local grocery store or farmer's market to pick out a melon?  Have you ever been extremely frustrated by this experience?  I have, I have spent countless hours hovering over the melons trying to pick the perfect one!  Here in the South we eat Watermelons like they … [Read more...]

Nothing Original…BUT ohhh so GOOD!


I remember the first time I read about Mrs. Ree Drummond, it was on the pages of my coveted Southern Living.  It was the November 2009  issue and ... well... I just fell in love!  She is just the grooviest lady.  I don't know if it was the picture of her man at the head of the table, that she … [Read more...]

Loaded Potato Soup


Loaded Potato Soup I got this recipe from my friend Christi Gibson.  I have been looking for a Potato soup recipe for years that resembled O'Charley's recipe because that is my FAVORITE!!!!  I revised it a little, because I didn't have certain things on hand, but gave you guys the true recipe. It … [Read more...]

WINNER of Knick Nats Designs BEAUTIFUL Earrings…

Joy & Natalie GIVE{in}AWAY Love...    Knick Nats Designs BEAUTIFUL CROSS EARRINGS GiVeaWaY!!!! And the winner is...  EMILY Yeah!!!  Hooray!!!  WooHoo!!  Yaahhhh!  Congratulations  EMILY!!!!!  Hope you enjoy the beautiful earrings!!!  These earrings are screaming YOUR name!  I … [Read more...]

Update to Joy’s Study

Okay Ladies, I have a confession to make:  I really struggled with the past couple weeks lessons.   We have had lots of "life" stuff get thrown into the middle of my study and I let it bog me down. While they are valid excuses, they are just that...excuses.  I want to apologize to you all … [Read more...]

GIVEAWAY!!!!! knick nats designs


Beautiful EARRINGS by knick nat designs Okay, so for some time now, I have been volunteering at WDJC 93.7, a local christian radio station here in town.  I have just been blessed by getting to know two of their radio personalities, Roxeanne & Russell and being involved on a new segment … [Read more...]

It’s Hard Being a Woman!

About Joy and Natalie

Top ten reason's why it's hard being a woman...(in our opinion at least) ;-) 10)  HORMONES!  (we could just stop here...but we have more) 9)  having to deal with the little black hairs that just appear over night on your chin...what's with that anyways..curse you EVE! 8 ) The dreaded yearly … [Read more...]

Papa Mike’s GRAPICO Ice~Cream

grapico perf port

Just in time for the Fourth of July celebration...  I scream, YOU scream, we all SCREAM  for Ice~Cream!   Yoohooooo!   And not just any ole' ice~cream, but something my kids just LOVE... GRAPICO ice~cream!  Yahhhhhh!  GRAPICO ICE~CREAM!  Am I getting you guys excited or what?!  Okay, … [Read more...]