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Week Two for Joy’s Study…

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Alight, I know I’m a little behind.  I should have posted something Friday, but we were on vacation.  So I’m just now getting to this.  As Natalie mentioned in her post, we are now doing two different studies.  I am tackling “Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be”.  If you are going to continue on with this one I will be putting a weekly post out there to cover the book for the week.  We all should be on Day 15, just starting week 3.  If you’re behind, no worries, go at your on pace.  Okay, now onto the summary of week two.  Please feel free to interject your thoughts as well!

Week Two:

There were a couple of things that jumped out at me this week.  The first one was on day 9 when Donna talks about prospering in season.  Not knowing when that “season” will be and how most of us would like instant results…We study God’s word, We pray and we WANT answers NOW, we want the spiritual maturity NOW, we do not like to wait and grow.  We forget that we need to be nurtured in our Faith and be watered daily to grow.

On Day 10 Donna jumped into talking about working with eager hands and how a lot of that “eager hands” work can be accomplished on our knees.  She even put the quote in there “When we work, we work.  But when we pray, God works.”.    She goes on to state that “prayer is not just something we do, prayer is a mindset, an attitude, an atmosphere we create”.  I LOVED THIS!  I don’t know about you, but when I was little I was taught to bow my head, get on my knees and close my eyes to pray.  I think all too often we get use to what our “customs” are and we forget that we can just talk to God wherever, whenever and with our eyes open and standing up. I have caught myself even trying to paint my boys into a corner with their prayers, telling them to close their eyes and bow their heads.   We can just Pray….talk to God, He’s right here!

I also loved where later she said that the “purpose of prayer is to bring heaven’s power to bear on earth’s circumstances”, how powerful!  That will be going on my shower wall for sure!!!

Don’t forget to devote yourself in prayer!  Keep up the good work Ladies and please share your thoughts and what is touching you at this point!  We’d love to hear!!!

With all my LOVE,


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  1. admin on said:

    Okay, you’ve got me so excited about this book!! Can’t wait to read it next!

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