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Summer Reading…

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I don’t know about you guys, but after all the craziness settled down a bit from the tornado, I was kind of left twiddling my thumbs.  For several weeks there, it seemed I was in constant contact with fellow christians serving daily.  In such a tragic time, there was great JOY in working a long side other brothers and sisters in Christ.  Now that school is out and April’s dust is starting to settle, I am missing that constant connection.

Several weeks ago my sweet friend and I were chatting about life and ways we could improve ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually.  Next thing I know, I am at the book store buying this great new book she insist I begin reading.  Our plan… we will read through together!  Kind of an accountability thing, a sister-to-sister support.  Sounded perfect!   Well, the more I read through this book and the more I thought about it… I just had to ask you all to join me!  At least the WOMEN, since the book is titled Becoming the Woman I Want to Be by Donna Partow, A 90 – Day Journey to Renewing Spirit, Soul & Body.

Partow guides stressed-out women through a 90-day odyssey that provides a doable plan to revamp all areas of your life. Rediscover the importance of Scripture memorization, daily prayer, healthy eating, and exercise to restore balance and well-being to your life.”

Okay, this is screaming my name!  (not that I am stressed out or anything)  Actually, I have been trying really hard to refocus on things.  For those who were involved directly or indirectly with the tornado that ripped through Alabama this past April, you kind of feel the need to re-prioritize.  And of course, I am all about scripture memorization!  The book seems tobe a good thing to get us through the summer months.  I am asking all who will, join me on this 90 day journey of renewal.  I think this is a great way for us ladies to stay connected, learning and growing with one another!  For those who join us in our summer reading and are in our area, we will meet three different times  over the course of the book for a  little summer soiree!  It will be a great time of fun and fellowship!  For those who will not be able to join us, we will stay connected via www.wearerooted with open chats and discussion on ways we are growing in Christ!  SO fun!  So EXCITING!

The book is available at Amazon, Kindle and Books A Million, possibly Barnes & Noble.  I have a Kindle and LOVE it, but there are places for you to do a little journaling.  So, you might want to consider purchasing the actual book!  If you are interested and if you are having trouble finding book, please let me know.

There are a few items the author suggest that you have before starting the journey.  Nothing too crazy, just some things to help out a long the way.

Please consider reading along with us, it is an easy devotion, but packed full of great stuff!  I am looking forward to encouraging one another and growing with some amazing SISTERS in Christ!  Monday, June 13th we will begin reading, this will be DAY ONE!  (hope that gives you guys enough time to go out and purchase the book)  I am so excited to have already heard back from several of you eager to begin the book!  Please leave me a comment on the comment section if you are interested and plan on joining us!  And don’t worry, this is a good thing, no pressure.  No participation if you choose, just go grab the book and read along with us!  I’ll be writing post throughout the 90 days and am looking forward to hearing from you all!

So, again the book…  

It’s gonna be good!

~ Natalie

10 comments on “Summer Reading…

  1. Traci Isom on said:

    I been feeling like this over the last few weeks. For over a month, I felt like I was just floating in the Spirit as long as I was working side by side with so many fellow Christians. The fellowship and Joy of serving just made the hard work and long hours to go more smoothly and its been tough to transition to being back at home for the Summer. Jackson misses all the constant loving from his church grandmothers. When Jacob was home from school and the weekends it meant a constant play friend was always waiting in the gym.

    I have thing to do on Friday as I get ready for VBS and I’m going to stop by A bookstore and see if I can find this book. It looks great, thanks for sharing it with us all.

  2. admin on said:

    So excited Natalie!!!

  3. Joy Ammons on said:

    Hey Natalie I am going to read with you I need this. I have been very stressed out and I need something to help.So I have down loaded it on my Kindle I just love mine. I think everyone should have a Kindle.Love you

  4. Casey Sparkman on said:

    I am joining in also. I hope the book is here by Monday. This will be very nice!!!!!!

  5. Vicky Elrod on said:

    I want to join in. Tracie is right, when I was working at the church for all the long hours and hard work I felt Gods presence in any way I turned. I would take it all back to have it not have happened but it did and I can say the miracles I saw in the people coming together and working for same purpose. It was great and I want to have that feeling again, maybe not working so hard but fellowship with other sisters would be great

    • admin on said:

      YEAH! Now, go get your book! (I actually got mine at the beach bookstore!) So excited to be growing together!

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  7. CHRISTI on said:

    got my book and i am gonna start reading tonight! i am so excited!

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