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Sending out StRawBeRrY LOVE…

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Sending StRaWbErRy LOVE…  






 Several years ago, my little family hit the black top and headed out west…  My baby brother was making his second trip to the Junior College World Series in Grand Junction, Colorado.  The year before we had decided to fly with the kids {that was an adventure in itself} to Denver and drive the remaining distance to Grand Junction.  We enjoyed the drive so much, we knew then… we gotta come back!  So, the following year I was a die-hard fan for Shelton State , crossing my fingers with each game.  Of course, I was already a die-hard fan…  Andy had also played for Shelton State’s Baseball team many years prior and with my baby brother choosing to go and play for them just made things so exciting!   {but, if you know me ~ I am a fan of ANYTHING my precious little brother does}

Okay, I am talking in circles… back to the strawberries and Cracker Barrel!  Yes, Cracker Barrel… that summer their feature dessert was Strawberry Ice Box Pie! You must know that prior to this trip my Hunk-a-Burning-Love was NOT, I repeat NOT a fan of Cracker Barrel.  But, needing a good pit stop and a place for the kiddos to run around, it was the perfect solution.  Needless to say, with that first pit stop, we had dessert…  Over the next two weeks we had COUNTLESS slices of Strawberry Ice Box Pie.  We planned our sleep-overs and rest-stops around Cracker Barrel locations.  We even signed up for this little travelers game they had going that summer!  It was great! 

However, with the ending of a grand adventure and an unforgettable summer  was the bitter good-bye of Cracker Barrel’s Summer Strawberry Ice Box Pie.  They haven’t had it since.  Sniff.  Sniff. 

In combing the internet, researching, collaborating, testing… I have come up with this DELICIOUS Strawberry Ice Box Pie recipe.  To be honest with you, I have a terrible memory.  So, to say it taste EXACTLY the same… I can’t.  BUT!  It is so daw-gone-dee-licious!

So, without further adieu’…

{Close-To-Cracker-Barrel’s} Strawberry Ice Box Pie

10  plain graham crackers {crushed ~ easiest way for me is to place in a zip-loc bag and crush with rolling pin}

5   tablespoons unsalted butter, melted

2 lbs.  fresh strawberries, hulled

1 & 1/2 tsp  sugar

  14oz. can sweetened condensed milk {I use Pet Milk}

  8 oz. whipped topping {I used Cool Whip}  


Either pulse the graham crackers in food processor or do as I and place them in zip-loc baggie.  Take a rolling pin and crush the crackers.  Once you have smashed into fine crumbs pour the melted butter onto crumbs mixing well until mixture becomes sticky.   Press the graham cracker crust into the bottom and up the sides of the pie plate and set to the side.

Dice about 3/4 of hulled strawberries.  Take about half of diced strawberries and place in blender along with 1 1/2 tsp of sugar blending  until liquefied.  This should make about half cup of strawberry puree.  Slice the remaining strawberries for the top of the pie.   With a hand held mixer {or a strong arm and spatula} mix condensed milk  with strawberry puree until well blended.   Using a spatula, fold in 1/3 of the whipped topping to the condensed milk mixture.  Then fold in the remaining diced strawberries.  Pour this mixture into the prepared pie crust and top with remaining whipped topping and sliced strawberries.  Cover the pie with cling wrap and place in freezer for atleast 5 hours.  Remove from freezer 30 minutes prior to serving. 

 As my little brother says, “It’s LOVE in your mouth” 

YUMMMMMY!   Oh, and Joy… I left you a piece in the freezer  at  the beach!  Enjoy!

p.s.  My baby brother ROCKED in Grand Junction!  Receiving  MVP in the Alabama {Shelton State CC}/Georgia {Young Harris} game, coming out of the 8th inning with a shut-out!  Shelton State placed 5th the first year in JUCO and with his returning trip they played for the National Championship coming in second!  {I could go on, but I’ll stop for now…}  It was a pretty great trip!  Unforgettable memories! 

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