Hot n’ Now!

Ever get that feeling like you just need something…to make things better, to ease your sufferings, to get things back on track?

Natalie and I decided months ago to get our families together down at the Gulf for a little R and R.  Time for us to catch up, time for fellowship, and time to let the kids run amuck!

When we arrived, we made a mad dash to the store for some grub.  On the way there, our catching up quickly turned to confessions.  Realizing we had both has similar “happenings” on the trip down we knew we needed something…ANYTHING to fix the mood…promtly!

You see, long drives and repetitive questions (are we there yet?, How much longer?), and declarative statements (I’ve got to pee, he’s looking at me, I’m hungry), can make for a very, very, VERY, LONG drive.  Which can turn the best of attitudes to the grumpiest in an instant!  Add to that two wifes/mothers who will not admit their attitudes are altered by their monthly friend, who decided to tag along on their BEACH vacation!

What could fix a problem so big?  What could turn those frowns upside down?  Three words would….HOT AND NOW!!!!

As we were driving back, airing our grievances, the RED, FLASHING sign was calling our name.  We swerved over lanes of traffic, risking our lives all in the name of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.  Sometimes a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do.

As we received our boxes from heaven we couldn’t resist sinking our teeth into the delicate rings of delight.  As we did, somehow all our “troubles” melted away and the trip was saved!

PRAISE THE LORD for Hot n’ Now Doughnuts!  He sure knew what he was doing when He created them ;-)

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