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Strawberry (or fruit) Dip


While Natalie chooses to grow her own Strawberries in her magnificent garden, I choose another's called Costco!  I have always found that Costco's fruit and veggies always look the best, plus you get a lot of them!  This is how we pick our strawberries for consumption in  the … [Read more...]

Drapery Rod from the Hardware Store!

DSC_0054 copy

How To Make A Drapery Rod out of 3/4 Galvanized Iron Pipe       I am ashamed to say that the rod holding the window panels in my little man's room for the past 3 years has been a shower curtain-tension rod!  I know. But, I knew I would think of something groovy in due time, just didn't … [Read more...]

Week Two for Joy’s Study…

Alight, I know I'm a little behind.  I should have posted something Friday, but we were on vacation.  So I'm just now getting to this.  As Natalie mentioned in her post, we are now doing two different studies.  I am tackling "Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be".  If you are going to continue … [Read more...]

Hot n’ Now!

Beach Trip 2011- Krispy Kreme

Ever get that feeling like you just need make things better, to ease your sufferings, to get things back on track? Natalie and I decided months ago to get our families together down at the Gulf for a little R and R.  Time for us to catch up, time for fellowship, and time to let the … [Read more...]

Week Two: On Becoming The Woman…

DSCF0282 copy

Okay...    So, there has been a little confusion {snicker} with the title of the book and as to which one we are doing.  I had not shared with Joy all the confusion with the title...  I just assumed she had the right book.  I was a little thrown one day when she said "she was thinking of … [Read more...]

Sending out StRawBeRrY LOVE…

strawberries 2

Sending StRaWbErRy LOVE...              Several years ago, my little family hit the black top and headed out west...  My baby brother was making his second trip to the Junior College World Series in Grand Junction, Colorado.  The year before we had decided to fly with … [Read more...]

Week One: On Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be

Nat:  Well. . .   WEEK 1 is drawing near and MAN what a week?!?!?!  The night before we began this 90 DAY Journey of RENEWAL, the sweetest, most precious man I have ever known went to sing with Jesus!  It was one of the most unexpected events that has happened in a very long time.  Probably … [Read more...]

Chicken Bog


CHICKEN BOG I know I posted this on The Sarge of 4 the other day, but I felt like it needed to be here too! This has to be one of my most requested recipes!  I lived in South Carolina for two short years and during that time I fell in love with a dish that EVERYONE brought to the church … [Read more...]

Summers are for STRAWBERRIES…

Summer is for STRAWBERRIES...

You know, when I think of SummerTime, I think of STRAWBERRIES ... strawberry ice cream,  strawberry pies, fresh-from-the-garden strawberries, strawberry salsa, super-duper strawberry cake, dips for strawberries, strawberry cobbler, strawberry sorbets... {I'm thinking I need some strawberries} … [Read more...]

Summer Reading…


I don't know about you guys, but after all the craziness settled down a bit from the tornado, I was kind of left twiddling my thumbs.  For several weeks there, it seemed I was in constant contact with fellow christians serving daily.  In such a tragic time, there was great JOY in working a long … [Read more...]