Trying New Things

After being together last week helping out the storm victims, Natalie and I decided to join a group of ladies from the church for a well needed girls night out.  The ladies that we grouped up with were Aubry Johnson, Leigh Ann Ammons, Tanya Hudson, Kim Harris, Denise Myers, Aeriel Swinsick, and Brandi Creel.  They had all picked out a sushi restaurant that they love and I have to say I LOVE SUSHI!!!!

Natalie, however, is not a big fan of sushi and went the safe route with shrimp fried rice.  After some coaxing Leigh Ann and Aubry were able to talk Natalie into trying a bite of their sushi.  I’m not exactly sure what they had, but I know it involved Salmon.  After that piece not making it past her tongue we managed to talk Natalie into trying just one more piece…a California Roll!After walking her through the correct edict of “how to eat sushi” she doused her little piece in soy sauce and threw it in her mouth….here are the results: (sorry about the picture quality, I was laughing a bit hard and it was dark)

I guess you can tell, that it didn’t go down so well!  The napkin became Natalie’s best friend…along with her sprite!

After this experience we thought it might be a good idea to have a “new experience” post from time to time!  We will use ourselves as genie pigs to try different things that we’ve never tried and write-up something on it. showing our braveness (or making fools of ourselves).  We would love to have your help in this adventure.  If you wouldn’t mind, leave some suggestions in the comment box below on some things we should try.  Now keep in mind, that while we are brave…..we are still not THAT brave, so go easy on us!  We will be cooking up some ideas of our own of things we’ve never tried.  So here’s to a “new experience”!

3 comments on “Trying New Things

  1. Joy Clevenger on said:

    I remember my first mint julep, caught on camera. Now that you’re in KY, you have to try one of these if you haven’t already! *shiver*

    • admin on said:

      Never tried one and that might have to go into the “I’m not brave enough” category……I had a shiver just thinking about it…gag!

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