Top Ten Reason’s NOT to Get Pregnant….again!

10.  To get your boobies back to the shape and size you wished they’d always been (for the IBTC club at least….seems like a cruel joke that the rest of your body has to suffer though!)

9.  To buy the latest design in the baby clothing line, not to mention you get a whole new wardrobe!

8.  Ten months of worry free pill taking (see #1)

7.  Ten months free of tampons and pads…can I get an AMEN!

6.  So you can pull the “I’m just not able to clean the house” card

5.  Having the OK, at around seven months to just stop shaving your legs (unless your mid stream in #1)

4.  Excuse to wear HUGE, COMFY panties and elastic pants!

3.  because you are LOVING all these groovy newborn pics!

2.  To get THREE nights of pampering and room service (yes with TWO other kiddos at home…this is pure bliss!)

1.  Excuse to have cRAzy, fUN, weIrD  and WILD  #@*!  (I know, but really… let’s be honest, gotta love that 2nd trimester!)

3 comments on “Top Ten Reason’s NOT to Get Pregnant….again!

  1. jinger glasgow on said:

    so,,,……what are you trying to tell us? hehehe

  2. Joy Clevenger on said:

    Now THAT takes me back! Ha!

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