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Tips & Tricks for BEST-EVER grilled cheese!

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Okay folks… I am looking for tips for making the PERFECT grilled cheese.  From the picture, you may notice Caleb’s (my brother) approach to making a grilled cheese.  He’s a little serious, he don’t mess around!  Will’s (my baby boy)  vote goes to Bass Pro Shop for “THE best-ever grilled cheese!”  I was so hurt by this statement, I had my dad call them up and see what the big deal was to these INFAMOUS (okay… Will’s favorite) grilled cheese.   I have to admit, it’s pretty darn good!  So, if you haven’t had a chance to stop by your Bass Pro Shop I’m thrilled to share a few inside tips  I got from the kitchen at Bass Pro Shop…  The BREAD, comes from Big Sky Bread Company, a local bakery in town.  The bread is white and if you are not able to swing by for a fresh loaf, you can find the same recipe (or sure-nuff close) in Publix Bakery.  They coat the sides with plain butter and throw on some good old Cheddar Cheese.  I think the trick might be on the panini-style press that they grill it on. BUT, if you have one of these contraptions at home DON”T press down to hard and flatten out the sandwhich!!!  According to Will…this would ruin the whole thing!  lol!

Well, let me know if you give it a whirl.  Joy and I would love to know your take on THE best-ever Grilled Cheese.  You can leave us a note in the comment section of this post.



6 comments on “Tips & Tricks for BEST-EVER grilled cheese!

  1. Jeni Poss on said:

    I have surely ruined my share of grilled cheese and have found that the right pan can make or break the sandwich!! I have my favorite scrambled egg and grilled cheese pan and it is the only one I use!! Also the pan has to be HOT, if it aint hot enough you will not get that crust! I was taught to cut my grilled cheese as soon as it comes off the pan and lean the tri-angles up against each other so they dont get soggy!! Mmmmm….nothing like a perfect grilled cheese!!

    • Oh, I LOVE it!! Leaning the corners is a GREAT idea! Well, I think I am still in the process of perfecting mine! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Emiy Harris on said:

    It has to block cheddard chesse with Texas toast to be perfect!! Like Jeni said the pan has to HOT before you put the bread in. Nothing more comforting than a grilled cheese. Thank God for comfort food!!

    • Okay, maybe you guys should just send in “your way” and I can test them all to find “the one” for me!! I LOVE block cheddar cheese! You know, when my Grandad was alive, my Grandmother would buy up all the texas toast (yes, really) from the local grocery store and she would freeze them! Just the thought of NO texas toast was scary!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Melissa on said:

    No, No, No EM! It has to be Kraft Singles, with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spray, a little bit (just a tny bit) of Bama Mayo on the inside, fresh white-wheat bread and the George Forman grill!

  4. Caleb "Bubba" on said:

    No, No,…No people. Let me tell how the PERFECT grilled cheese really comes about!

    As you can tell (from the picture), I’m very “Kraft”y when it comes to mind-boggling grilled cheeses.

    Texas Toast works great, and totally agreeing with Emily, the cheese certainly must be blocked cheese you cut yourself, not too much…not too little. Then comes the butter. Use a little spray, with some halfway melted butter that brushes on easily. The most important part comes next; let the grilled cheese have a touch of brown color, with a slightly brown crust. Now THAT my friends… the PERFECT grilled cheese!

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