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Potty Training

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Alright Ladies and Gents, I need your help!  I am opening up another discussion, but this time we are chatting about the dreaded subject of POTTY TRAINING!  I don’t know about you but this can be a hair pulling experience for both mother and child!

I have two boys that are almost 15 months apart so I decided to potty train them together when it was their time and it actually worked out great.  They peed a lot…A LOT outside, but it seemed to work.  Somehow I have either blocked out the bad times or it really went well…not sure!  Anyways, it has come time for me to potty train my daughter who is now 21 months.  She has taken to the potty so well and has only had two accidents (where she peed on my oversized chair…same spot both times..arg)!  We’ve been at this for a few weeks now and she has it down to a pat!

I have done the same thing I did with my boys, let her run around naked!  I have really been amazed at how well and how quickly she picked this up.  She will be playing and then run over to the potty chair I have strategically placed in the living room.  She can even pull the pan out underneath, dump it in the potty and flush, then put the pan back all by herself.  Really she is exceptional.

Okay…’s my problem!  I’m trying now to get to the point I can put panties on her.  Anytime I do this she pees in it.  I can’t see to get her to pull them down to go potty.  She always comes and tells me immediately, but still doesn’t make it to the potty when wearing anything.  It’s like the sensation of anything touching her bottom triggers her to have the “diaper syndrome” again!

I don’t know if she’s just too young to pull down her pants in time, or what, but I sure would like some advice from you mothers out there!

I’m placing this discussion under “coffee chats” and “tips and tricks” because I think that this is something all mothers deal with and talk about and the subject surrounds tips…and tricks ;-)

So please help me and others out here….place your tips, tricks and know how’s in the comment section below!  Even if you don’t have a suggestion to my personal dilemma, there are a lot of people out there that would like to know anything and everything about POTTY TRAINING!  So just tell us what worked for you!


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