100 Days of School Project

This year for our 100th day of school project, we decided to make a “fake” cake and put 100 candles around it.  Here’s the how to guide:
100 Candles
Ribbon of choice
Small Dowel Rod
Round Styrofoam (12″, 10″, 8″. 6″)
4 Packages of Model Magic Clay (any color you want)
1 12″ round cake board
Start by rolling the Model Magic clay out with your rolling pin.  You need it large enough to cover your 12″ piece.  Place the clay over the Styrofoam and press around the top and down the sides.  Now repeat the process for each layer.  Take your 12″ piece of Styrofoam covered in model magic and glue to your cake board.  Stack all layers on top of each other to resemble a cake.  Place your dowel rod through the cake and cut off at the top.  I actually placed the dowel rod in the cake in three different places to make sure the cake would hold in place.  Cover the holes from the dowel rod with more clay and blend.  Now take your ribbon and wrap around each layer.  I used pins to set the ribbon in place.  Then place your 100 candles around the cake!  I also painted “100 Day’s” on the top of the cake to cover any flaws!
Sorry I don’t have step by step pictures…..next time I’ll work on that!

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