Fowl Talk…

No, nothing dirty here! Well, I guess that is what you might consider dirty… If we didn’t already have enough to write a book about, there is the story of our husbands!

Here in the south, not only will you find the deep rooted traditions, passed down recipes, Sunday services and ties that bind… You will find the love of the hunt, the harvest and the hunter.

I was raised on the edge of a dove field and well… poor Joy, she would be better off living in a duck blind! This rooted childhood friendship Joy and I share has stretched out its roots deep into the lives of those we love. Over the years, again through our FAITH, another friendship was formed and roots begin to grow. Jesse and Andy, like most SOUTHERN men have a love for the outdoors that runs deeps. Not only have they connected through their love of God, their FAITH and their families, but they share a PASSION for FOWL!

So, here we can’t wait to share ALL things foul FOWL! From great hunts, crazy stories, delicious recipes and well… ridiculous stuff we’ve been dieing to tell! If we’re not careful, they just might end up hunting us! So, stay tuned for some wild game recipes, tall tales and Grand Adventures in the outdoors…

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